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Welcome to the internet website of United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co LLC (UGPM).

By way of brief introduction, UGPM is a joint venture between key players in the Middle East region, namely National Industries Group-Kuwait, Krah Middle East and other high net worth individuals to manufacture HDPE and PP based polymer products. Utilizing unique and innovative manufacturing technologies from Krah, Germany, we produce high quality pipes, manholes and other related plastic products serving primarily applications in sewage and water treatment plants, outfall pipelines, mining industry, ventilation pipe systems, industrial pipelines, storage tanks and containers etc.

We work hand in hand with the three Cís (Client, Consultant and Contractor) utilizing complex calculation techniques to arrive at a customized product that meets specific requirements. Products developed are highly cost effective, with long life, meeting environment concerns, keeping delivery schedules in mind, low maintenance costs, homogenous products using specialized welding techniques for secure jointing, for quick and easy installations without additional training or expensive equipment.

Given the nature of the products, the applications and the stringent requirements from our 3 Cís, the company places the maximum emphasis on the QUALITY department. This is evidenced by the fact that the Quality department reports directly to the MD as can be seen in the company organizational chart. One of the key achievements before the company started commercial operations was to obtain ISO certification. In addition, the company provides technical training for its products from reputed worldwide companies, thus emphasizing the importance it places on its long term relationships with the 3 Cís.

Krah Products are well known worldwide with operations in countries all over the world. We provide additional services to our customers, such as strong after sales service, project studying, training, technical & general support, and endorsement from well known and reputed technical companies from around the world.

We are grateful for your interest in UGPM, and I encourage you to explore our company and our Web site. Please use the Contact Us button on our Home Page to pass on any comments, questions or feedback that you may have.


Mohammed Al Hashani
Managing Director